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Shameless In Washington


The financial impact of COVI-19 is decimating the American people. Citizens are out of work due to massive closures in the restaurant industry, an grim reality for the business owners and their employees. Families and individuals are behind on mortgage and rent payments and their vehicles are being repossessed. Lastly, in the most affluent country on earth, Americans are literally standing in food lines daily in order to feed their starving families.

While this is happening, both houses of Congress bicker back and forth over expensive lunches supposedly working to provide relief for the citizens who pay their hefty salaries and fund their lifetime healthcare plans. Below is a portion of the salary schedule for members of Congress.

Members of congress will not be missing any paychecks. They don’t have to worry about being evicted from their homes nor where their next meal is coming from.

What do suffering Americans who are in need of COVID relief and who provide the comfortable lifestyles of Congress get in return for their generous and mandatory giving? A one-time $600 check! This not only ridiculous, it is shameful And insulting!

What are families who are months behind on rent and mortgage payments supposed to do with $600? How are families going to pay bills, buy food, get medical attention and prescriptions with such an insignificant amount of money?

This is why over half of Americans don’t trust the government and also don’t vote. The disillusionment is very real, so real in fact, these people, these citizens have withdrawn from the political process altogether.

Washington politicians should be ashamed but they’re not. They are going to cobble together a cheap and insufficient bill and then head to their lavish homes for the holidays, while the American people make do with a $600 check and thous of dollars of need!


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