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The 5 Pillars of Purpose

What is the church?  What is the purpose of the church?  To make the question more personal for us: What have we gotten into?  What are we to do now that we are here?

These questions are more than valid; they are essential to understanding our purpose as a local church.  We must understand that every church open in the name of Jesus Christ has a purpose.  They may not know exactly what that purpose is, but it does exist.  Many churches are ineffective or not as effective as they could be simply because they do not know their purpose.


It is necessary that we know what our purpose is as a church because if we don’t, we will be caught in a cycle of “doing stuff” that does not meet the needs of the people we are here to serve – our community!


The purpose of the church exists on two levels:


  1. To be a strategic universal and unified body of believers in Jesus Christ who are distinguished from the unchurched world through faith and good works, to the end that all people will desire to become members of the family of God through Jesus Christ.

  2. To be a tactical local and functional part of the church universal; providing support of and faithfulness to the 5 pillars of purpose to the end that the community within our context is effectively served.  

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Would you like to know more about the 5 Pillars of Purpose and how it can transform your church? Fill out our contact form. I will be delighted to discuss the concept with you and your church leadership team.

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