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Following Jesus "Afar Off"

I was reading some of the writings of Charles H. Spurgeon, a 17th century baptist preacher whose daily devotionals have been a continual blessing to me. Today, I was challenged to think about how much worldly wisdom has encroached upon my life. Worldly wisdom is prone to freely accept the notions of compromise and moderation according to Spurgeon, and I agree. As ministers of the Gospel, we are called to live our lives at a higher standard. This does not make us better than anyone else, but it does increase the levels of our accountability to God. 

In Luke 22:54, Jesus had been apprehended after having been betrayed by the kiss of Judas, and He was being taken the house of the high priest for questioning, and the scripture says that Peter “followed afar off”. This passage has always challenged me to think about my own life as preacher and teacher. Am I so near to Christ that I know Him in the fellowship of His suffering, or do I follow Him afar off, a safe distance away from being fully committed? Do I live a life of compromise and lukewarm service while preaching and teaching that others be on fire for God? Do I live a life of mediocre spirituality? One in which I go to church, sing the songs, read the scriptures, but retain the attitudes, thoughts, words, and behaviors that make me indistinguishable from the world. Luke 22:55 goes on to show how Peter’s lack of commitment caused him to be able to sit among those who were complicit in what would result in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and warm himself by their fire. Just how cozy have we allowed ourselves to be in the environment, atmosphere, culture of this world which stands in open opposition of Christ? 

Ministers of the Gospel, know without a doubt that none of us are perfect, but never forget the high standard of the calling that we have accepted. We are to strive against sin and immorality because we are called to preach to others, and to teach others to do the same. Let us not follow Jesus afar off, rather, let us charge boldly and daringly towards Him in how we think, what we say, what we do, and in how we live!


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