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An Effective Associate Minister

I was taking care of a couple of things for my Pastor, and I was stopped by the Holy Spirit to “think” about what I was doing. He wanted to me appreciate the calling to serve as an Associate Minister. I remember being a fresh new preacher back in the mid-eighties, with high hopes and desires of being a pastor myself. Under the leadership of Dr. Andrew J. Brown, I learned how to follow the leadership of my Pastor, how to serve my Pastor in any way I could, and how to give my Pastor my complete support as he worked to bring his vision for ministry to fruition. These things are critical to being an effective Associate. As a Pastor, I quickly discovered the importance of having faithful, and effective associates by my side, mostly because I didn’t, and oh how I prayed for them.

As Associate Ministers, let us strive to be the kind of Associates our Pastors can thank God for! Ministers who love and support our church and our Pastor with faithfulness and diligence. To help us out, I want to share an article by Pastor H.B Charles entitled, Help! I Am an Associate Minister; it is about what an Associate Minister should be. I hope you not only enjoy the reading, but are also inspired by it as well.


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